Friday, 4 May 2012

the Mountains People

The Mountains People keep to simple animal husbandry and to a grazing economy with a nomadic changing of their pastures. The forests and the land are owned jointly. The families have the right to use the land but have no right of ownership. Even in this time of pre-capitalism, with private ownership becoming stronger, a sensible collectivism is stubbornly maintained with a village-based joint ownership and with the repeated opportunity to redistribute joint property according to need. Yet the Mountains People could not remain untouched by their feudal environment, and there was also an ongoing internal differentiation. Thus, a Mountains nobility has evolved on an economic basis. The rest of the population is divided into those who fight on horseback and those who fought "only" on foot, thus forming three classes identified clearly both in peace at home and in war.

The Mountains People have gained their privileges and independence with their own blood and toil. These are frequently threatened and the Mountains People must stand up again and again in their defence. They protest verbally, in writing and, occasionally, by taking up arms.

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