Friday, 4 May 2012


The Thaler is the common silver currency of all lands of the setting— except in the Empire of the Crescent Moon. Any noble with access to silver mines can mint his own Thalers. Obviously the true silver content of a given local Thaler will depend on the wealth of the lord of the land, so some Thalers are more readily-accepted than others.

The Thaler is a huge coin, 5 cm in diameter, and weighing 1oz (about 30g). Obviously this type of coin is mostly seen by merchants and wealthy nobles. Less rich people usually see its sub-unit: the silver Kreutzer (there are 60 Kreutzer to a Thaler).

The golden Dukat is favoured by rich travellers since it is easier to carry round because of its smaller size. There are 12 Dukats to a Thaler. Dukats are usually not minted in the Fair Kingdom, even though they are widely accepted there.

There is yet another silvern sub-unit of the Thaler, minted in the Empire of the One Faith: the Groschen. It is a small coin but rather thick. There are 24 Groschen to a Thaler.

a princely Thaler

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