Sunday, 29 April 2012


As written in the previous post, there has been an internal fight for the throne ever since the death of the last King, and thus a state of almost civil war, with the greedy Empires just beyond the garden wall. Allegiances shift back and forth, the situation is totally confused, and at times everybody seems to be against everybody else.
Negotiating, Fair Kingdom-style.

As a result, war and violence are ever plaguing the Fair Kingdom. It is not an all-out war; it is the sum of all the warlike events or violent encounters the player characters may face:
  • The constant war between the two Empires, much of it taking place in the Fair Kingdom
  • Peasant uprisings, mercilessly crushed by the nobles
  • Feudal skirmishes between the petty nobles
  • Bands of marauding unemployed mercenaries, an oft-encountered hazard on the highways of the Fair Kingdom.

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