Tuesday, 21 October 2014

13th Age in Csachticz − Icon Relationships

In an earlier post, I have presented a tentative set of 13th Age icons for a weird early modern Central European fantasy role-playing setting. Let's call it simply “13th Age in Csachticz” or even 13C [Csachticz was the name of the Blood Countess' home castle].

Now these icons must be classified as Heroic, Ambiguous or Villainous to be properly used with the Icon Relationships mechanism of 13th Age. Since 13C has been greatly inspired by Lamentations of the Flame Princess and its dark and gloomy setting, in which adventurers are hardly 'heroic', most icons in 13C will be on the 'Ambiguous' side. Feel free to modify this as suits your style of play (in the original 13th Age game, there are 4 Heroic icons, 5 Ambiguous icons, and 4 Villainous ones).

 13C Icon   Type 
 The Alchemist   Heroic 
 The Dracul   Villainous 
 The Emperor   Ambiguous 
 The Erlking   Ambiguous 
 Frau Perchta   Heroic 
 The Great Boyar   Villainous 
 The Occultist   Ambiguous 
 The Pope   Ambiguous 
 The Sultan   Villainous 
 The Superintendent   Ambiguous 
 The Trickster   Ambiguous 
 The Turul   Heroic 
 The Warlord   Ambiguous 

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